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Ruff Rider Sodus Live Report 2017 September 16-17

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12 hours ago, Sk8man said:

Just an FYI- I'm not sure about the downstate part of the canal but on the upper part of the canal from Rochester west there is a speed limit and it is nowhere close to 25 mph> basically your boats registration  number and description is logged in at any lock or lift bridge on the canal that you pass through by the operator and each operator is telephoned ahead of your arrival to the next lift bridge or lock with your information. If you arrive in real short fashion they can tell basically your estimated speed from the time it took to get there from the other bridge or lock and the troopers will be there to ticket you if excessive speed is recorded. This is mainly to protect the canal from erosion due to excessive wakes.

Check the Canal map There are many places to the east that it is allowed to do 25+ MPH


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Here you go NICK.....
This is the one !!!!
31foot Tiara Diesel powered in Ohio !

Getting closer :) Still looking for newer and prefer gas over diesel. Also, think bigger!

Check us out on our Lake Ontario Fishing - Ruff Rider Facebook group!

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