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Sodus 9/22/17

Launched next to Arney's at 7am.  Nice SW wind until 9am when it swung around to the NE making it a tad rough. Fished until noon.  Marked only a few fish. Never got any deeper than 150fow.  Never took a hit. Never saw more than 5 other boats on the lake.  Many boats fishing in the bay.

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Hit them low light. Just before the sun got down it was crazy fishing. Slow pick from 3pm until 630 or so...brown and steelie on 300 copper...then it got crazy good last hour. It was this week...and we had 7 on from 645 to 745. Actually had a quad at one point. Tangled mess and lost 3... white glow flashers and spoons down 60-70 over 90. If you find the arcs...low light the fish are there.


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