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Bar to Olcott, still worth a shot?

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Bar to Olcott, still worth a shot?

Well, my freezer is packed with walleye fillets. Was thinking of making a trip up to lake o this weekend. Is there still an inshore bite going on? Or would I have to go offshore for chrome and immature's. Never fished up there this time of year. Typically make my last trip around labor day. Thanks for any input. PM me if you'd rather pass along info that way.

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Start off Olcott. Search around in that 150'-250' area. If you are targeting new three year olds you will want some baits down in upper 40 degree water up to the bottom of bait balls showing on your graph. Nothing showing on graph??....,head offshore. Leadcore off boards for steel and find bait for the kings. More of a spoon bite. 

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