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Fishing boat size on Cayuga Lake

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Good morning. I was looking to purchase a used Starcraft fishing boat. It's 17 feet long. I fished this past two seasons with a 22 feet non fishing/ inboard pleasure boat. I just wonder if that 17 feet boat large enough to feel safe fishing on Cayuga and wanted your opinions /experiences. Thank you for your help and comments.



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I got a 17.5ft starcraft used it all year on Cayuga. It was perfectly fine. Even one day last month I went out on a really rough morning because I was already there so figured I give it a shot. Roughest day I’ve ever seen on the lake but the boat did perfectly fine. Just got a bit of spray from all the crashing waves, but never felt unsafe

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17 is plenty.. There are times when fishing will be uncomfortable even in a 25 footer  on the Finger lakes.. It all depends on  how you are fishing.. Trolling,  a 17 footer is  fine  usually.. Bass fishing run and gun style, you will get hammered some days.. Perch fishing,  Pike casting,jigging for lakers or bass, these lakes get rough, and even a good 17 will get roughed up.. however, not to the point of being unsafe IMHO..
 I have had  my very tough very stable old Grumman 14 out on Cayuga in howling winds, and NEVER felt "unsafe"...

 However that does NOT mean you can fish effectively.. These lakes , for "inland " lakes, are friggin' wind tunnels.. I lived 37 years in NJ and can say from experience  that the Atlantic Ocean and the large NY/NJ bays have a LOT more fishable days than we have in the finger lakes..


 It can get to the point where your 17 might  get bounced so bad you might not want to fish, but if you cannot fish in a 17, will it be a fun and productive day in a 21??? probably not... It all depends on how bad you need the fish i suppose... bob

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Love my 19.5 ft Starcraft Fishmaster with a 115 hp   started out with a 16 ft. sea nymph 50 hp and that was definitely  not enough boat put in north of union springs one time with it and a storm came up I was south of long point luckily I was able to limp my way up to long point and wait out the storm . The fishmaster has plenty of room is made for downrigging off the back and bass fishing off the front with trolling motor is good too . I think the extra length helps to bridge the waves when there is a good chop I can't believe how nice you can run along at a good speed and not be bothered by the waves , the 17 ft will work but the 19.5 is alot more comfortable and if you want to run up to the big lake in the fall and catch some salmon its doable as long as you don't go out to far .There around used a buddy of mine just got one that was being used on Oneida lake .

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