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New to trolling as of last year. Wondering if there are any must haves or setup I should consider buying. I have a 17ft Lund. Just wondering what kind of rod holders down riggers ect I should be looking into. Here are some pictures of the boat so maybe you can get a better understanding. Thank you for th help! IMG_0166.JPGIMG_0165.JPG



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Two electric downriggers one per rear corner, 2 HD diver rod holders per side and maybe a tree per side for planer board rods. Tracks for the rod holders so you can fine tune their position throughout the season as/if necessary. Your Bimini top shouldn’t interfere with your rod holders. If you need canvas work, wait a bit till you know where you want everything else.


Your layout depends a lot on the maximum number of people and where they’ll be in the boat and how many rods you’ll be running. 2 guy’s fishing 4-6 rods will look different that 3-4 guys running 8 or more rods.


There’s times you’ll be running 2 divers per side others just 1. You might have 3 surface lines per side in the early spring near shore or in the late spring trolling the edges of offshore thermals.


Your layout needs to be flexible so you are able to make it do everything well. Track systems give you a lot of flexibility.


Check out Cisco, Bert’s, Traxstech, Cannon and others. Their websites have a lot of layout photos.


Resist the temptation to mount 4 riggers. At one time it made sense but with today’s clearer waters it’s too many cables for a smaller boat. Stick to 2.



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