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HotMaps Premium 2009 - Lowarnce 5200c

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Good Day, I currently have the SD/PREM - E5 VO1.21 in my Older Lowrance 5200c (1GB card). Almost all my fishing is in the Fingers.... I have notice the contour lines or off a bit, they always have been. I have enough time with the unit to understand and have compensated for my home lake. 


Is an update going to help with a better/more accurate contour reading on this unit? 


Thanks for your help,



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Your unit can't read a card larger then 2Gig so you need to call Navionics or look at a retailer if they still got the 1st Navionics+ that came on the maket; those are 2gb. Or has I said contact Navionics and I think they got one name: Global that is 2gb

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