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I went over the Bay bridge on Tuesday and no one was out.  The north end looked very sketchy, there was a good size hole just south of the bridge on the Webster side off Inspiration Point, and there was a lot of water on the ice.  I'm planning to go out that way in a while, I'll post on what I can see today.

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Went over the bay bridge at 15:30, two shanties out south one out even with F+G, one south of that.  Came back via Lake Road, no one out  NE corner, but 4 guys with a snowmobile out there so looks OK.  Stopped at the launch, large area of open water almost to the markers had re-frozen most of the way back in, but nothing north looks safe.   except the NE corner.  I would say spud anywhere you go, or follow the worn paths on the ice.

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