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How often mono backing should be replaced

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Just bought bulk spools of power pro and am in the process of replacing some of my old braid.  I used approx. 250' of 20lb Big Game as backing under the braid mainly as a filler so my line counters would calibrate and I wouldn't have to fill the complete spool with braid.  I don't recall ever getting into the backing. This backing was put on last year. I was contemplating attaching the new braid to this current backing. Anyone have any input as to how long mono as a backing will last?..... or if I should just go ahead and replace the mono too.  If it were just 3 or 4 reels it would be a no brainer but I am replacing line on 16 reels. 

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Depends on storage and use. If they were used in the rain alot or if left in the extreme heat I'd say better to change it out. Mono rots and degrades and also has extreme memory after awhile. If kept in right conditions I'd expect a couple of seasons would be ok. Shelf life of mono on the factory spool can be 2-5 years I've read. Another thing would be to use an empty reel and load the power pro on that to get to backing and check a section of mono by using a scale and pull to see what break strength is. If compromised replace. If ok retie the power pro and rewind it back on off the other reel. Power pro will last quite a bit longer than the mono. Bulk 2700 yard spools or 1lb spools of mono big game are around 35$.

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