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Non skid sportcraft 270


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Some significant cracking of the cockpit floor and the non skid has been worn off. Structurally sound but want to make it stay that way. Was thinking about painting over it with the tuffcoat nonskid but wasn't sure if I should sand then seal all the cracks with a skim coat of fiberglass resin or if the tuff coat would be durable enough to fill in the micro cracks. Tuffcoated the floor in my 22sylvan but I had replaced the whole floor with 3/4 marine grade plywood first and it's held up amazing. Any thoughts?


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Yeah, the boat was looked over by a surveyor he seemed to think it was the gel coat from the older stuff being so thick and said no structural issue but I'm thinking if I sand it all real well and clean it I could put 3 coats of the tuff coat and it'd be flexible enough to withstand any flexing. Also the tuff coat can be reapplied easily to creat a thicker covering if it does crack again. Supposedly called gel coat crazing. 

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