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Cayuga Cayuga/Treman/Taughannock 2/24/18

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Tried to launch out of Treman at 8am. Channel is clear but the water was so low my Fishmaster 196 got stuck in the mud at the ramp.  Finally got it back on trailer and scooted up to Taughannock.  No problem getting in and out here.  Trolled West side.  Worked the boards in close this time.  Stayed in 30fow or less most of the time with sticks off the boards, both shallow and deep divers.  Picked up 10 LL, biggest was maybe 22", but most were 12-14".  Picked up a nice brown that was close to 3lbs.   Moved out to 100fow for about an hour and ran the riggers down 80' and picked up 4 lakers ( the 22" LL took a deep diver off the board in 100FOW).  Pulled out out 1:30pm.  Water was a steady 37.7deg.


i see a few reports of Browns caught out of Irondeqoit and Olcott.  I assume Sodus is still locked up with ice?

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I took a look at the Meyers launch today. There was little chance of getting out there also. (One hopefull thing was that the nearby creek was flowing strong after the snowmelt.)


Shore fisherman went home empty handed that I spoke with.

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