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Traxstech Planer Reels

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I'm interested to know if anyone has used the Traxstech planer reels with the integrated pulley (specifically part numbers PR-300 or APR-3000) and what you think. I've been told by one individual that the small pulley made it all but impossible to reel in an Otter Boat.

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I have the PR-300’s and bought a kit a couple years ago to upgrade them to the APR-300’s.  Big difference between the plastic reels vs the aluminum reels.  The plastic reels and the handles were a bit awkward to operate.  They  were a struggle to bring boards in at times.  Aluminum reels work well for my boards which are homemade to fit in my rear live well for storage.  I’ve not used Otter Boats or Amish boards so I don’t know how my boards compare on pull.  I was considering going electric, but have been real happy with the APR-300’s.

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I went with Traxstech stuff all over my new to me boat back in 2013. Lots of track ,rod holders. rigger mount risers, planner board mast and planner board reels and more. Spent a good buck and have been pretty happy with everything except the planner board reels. They were awful !!! It was almost impossible to reel in my big boards . Previous boat I had Big Jon mast reels not a problem. Problem with Traxstech reels is the diameter of the spools. I sold them and purchased some bigger reels can't remember brand but I'm happy. Think of it like gear ratio on a long copper or lead core reel. Size matters!! I like all my Traxstech stuff its probably gonna outlast me. On that particular item I don't think they did enough R & D. Just my HO.

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