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Charter out of Topsail North Carolina

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Looking for any opinions for charter out of topsail NC area, going down 4/22-28 to visit Marine son, would like to take him out for a trip .Any personal experiences or opinions appreciated.  Thanks 

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We took a head boat out of Topsail island years ago and it sucked.  We were there in August and the fishing is really slow at that time of the year.  Let me talk with my buddy and see if he has any recommendations. 

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I personally recommend driving up to MHC and fishing with Captain John Cawthern of Procastinator Sportfishing. It's not too far from Topsail.




John is a good friend of mine and you will have a blast. This time of year the bottom fishing is great. And you can do jigging trips for amberjack etc. Give him a call to see if he has any openings then. We go down twice a year to fish with him and while you will be there just before the grouper opener (May 1st) the fishing should be fantastic.


I'll be down there May 18 and 19 to fish with him. 


Not farmiliar with any head boats or charters out of Topsail itself, but if you need a head boat, the Carolina Princess in MHC seems to be pretty good. We always get our fish cleaned where they dock at and everyone who comes off usually has a good catch. http://www.carolinaprincess.com/


Have fun! I love it down there. While there are some slow periods, the fishing is usually fantastic year round. Would move there in a heartbeat if I could find a good job.


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