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Was hoping for a response from ya yesterday.

How did you get that picture of Ray K with his new hair cut?

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Yes Bobby hunny ;) I'm here. Happened to stop by the best restaurant in Rochester, TOURNEDOS STEAK HOUSE to have a nice dinner since that husband of mine "ole short arms (and other parts too) and deep pockets" won't take me anywhere besides the local pub for dinner, and met that handsome FISHINMAN TOM :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D . Well he was nice enough to let me see what that dirty HVAC work 1 day here 1 day there husband of mine does all night while I'm working away making all the $$ to pay the bills and showed me the LOU site.

What can I do for you? I know about Ray and what he does when I'm not around. The drinking and going after the guys... oops I mean gals. He thinks I'm blind to this stuff. Like I believe his "I'm going to the Oak with Tom and Bob" fishing stories! Kinda hard to believe those when he comes home without any fish :? :? I would believe him if he was fishing alone but not with you two master anglers aboard :D

Don't worry about me I got that little fart all figured out, beside when he's not around it gives me a chance to... well, you especially Bobby know what I mean big guy ;);)

Nice bunch of guys that seem to be able to actually catch fish on here, but can't figure out why Ray would be on here.

Got to go, Fishinman is got to get back to work making me hot.... I mean a hot meal ;);)

Nice guy that Tom :lol::lol:

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