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Sold / Closed Price Reduction (AGAIN!): Track mount swivel base

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5aff3b5004aed_swivelbase.thumb.jpg.3728a8903170fb9e86814586253ec130.jpg5aff3c0d44d7d_swivelbase3.thumb.jpg.484b649fd8e5e59b1ed5c21a9faba932.jpgThis is an older swivel base in good condition. 4 inch height. The top is drilled and tapped to fit virtually all downrigger makes . . . I had a Mag 10 mounted on it. The label has faded, but I think it is a Bert's base. 


Dave:   215-527-3552

$50. TYD  Somebody wants this, right?

I have been helpfully informed that this is a Traxtech base not a Bert's.  thanks.

Edited by salmonguy

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