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We got an extra early start [5am] expecting to find the fish where we left then on

Wednesday, the weather was a complete shift and with a fresh west wind building 

the lake became rather bumpy and by 8;30 we called it . Not a single release! small pods of bait

was around 125 FOW not a single hook [fish] around them.  I suspect that with that full moon

the fish gouged on bait last night and were not feeding. Hope others did better than we did

BTW we only ventured out to 180 FOW so the fish may have been out deeper.

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Top Secret

I do believe I saw you out there ? We had the riggers set at 50 amd 60 so the stack went from

60-  50-  45-  40  We could see the thermocline setting up at about 50 ft. Wednesday we went

9 for 12  so we were set up right  I ran long leads and did not change anything ?

Boats name low profile [Bayliner 24 foot hardtop]


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I fished yesterday morning right in the same area, there was a lot of bait and tons of fish. Stayed under 200 fought the chop and was still catching fish at 12:30 then headed in. Had 10 fish hooked, only two nice ones.

other than  the eve conditions it was great

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