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Its-A-Fishal.. Port of Rochester.

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I had an almost identical morning out of I-bay.  2 for 4, a skippy and a high teen king.
I trolled 90fow to 400fow, fish caught and lost all in less than 200fow.  The thermal break you mention extended east of the bay, I almost questioned my probe, as you said it was significant.  I worked it for while with no success.
Overall, marks were few and far between, and most were small…a few streakers/followers.  Bait was scarce, but I did find two large pods in 400fow, but no hooks or marks around them.  I spent a fair amount of time working the area without a hit or seeing more than one hook and it was 150ft down.
Nothing really worked on the fleas, even frequent cleaning of lines.  That “super flea” attaches harder the more you work it, even on 50lb mono….I ended up trimming line to keep fishing.

Also trimmed our lines. Saved a TON of time.

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Saturday at 10Am I packed up after the morning bite slowed. I motored out to 550+ in front of sandy creek and had good action. We took 8 bites in the 3 hrs there (high sun mid day) . Biggest king 15lbs and biggest steelhead 11. A lot more bait out there than last week when I checked it out. I’ll be headed out deep again this week to really work it over. The offshore bite is about to be on fire.
Spot on with your statement in lack of reporting. I post 1/10 of what I used to because of the lack of sharing and conversation lately on LOU. Hopefully that changes
Good luck out there

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We had a good bite out of Hughes Marina Sat Eve and again Sun morn. Sunday morn took 5 kings in the teens, 4 browns and a LLS about 8lbs. All 80-140 down 45-70. All on Great Lakes Lures. Moved to 15 miles west Sunday eve, should have stayed put.... It seemed the faster we went the better. 2.8-3.3 Everytime we slowed down, the rods quit popping.... they definitely seemed to be scattering and hanging on bottom in active.

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