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Niagara County

niagara Niagara Falls USA Fishing Forecast for Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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King salmon fishing continues to be good to very good on the lake. With the good is the bad though. The sea fleas have also been a nuisance. A new LOC Derby leader came to the scales out of Wilson this past week when Scott Foster of North Tonawanda recorded a 26-pound, 15-ounce king to take over the lead for the $10,000 Grand Prize. Another notable catch was a 19-pound, 4-ounce brown trout that tipped the scales for Kurt Charland of Victor while he was fishing out of Bald Eagle Marina in Orleans County. A 21-pound Niagara Bar lake trout was weighed in by Steve Klejdys of North Tonawanda this week to take over the lead for the weekly prize as he sat in 4th place. The leaderboard is posted at www.loc.org. If you want a reason to get into this month-long derby, ask Capt. Tom Pearse of Grand Island. His customer, Cole Welcomer of Harrisburg, reeled in a 36-pound, 41-inch long king salmon while fishing out of Olcott this past week. It’s not a fish story. There are pictures. No, they weren’t in the derby. If you are looking for mature kings, run flasher-flies or meat rigs 90 to 110-feet down over 90 to 140 feet of water according to Wes Walker at the Slipper Sinker in Olcott. Boaters are also picking up kings 60 to 80 feet down over 150 to 250 feet of water, fish the top 60 feet if you want to try for steelhead or Coho salmon with spoons. On the Niagara Bar, John Van Hoff of North Tonawanda had good success over the weekend fishing spin doctors and flies as well as spoons over 150 to 200 feet of water.


Click here to see the rest of this report on ILoveNYFishing.com.

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