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2009 Pro Am Rule Changes


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I am going to be an optimist here and see the addition of the open division as an opportunity for us to vote with our feet and our wallets.

As detailed in previous posts, my opinions run against having a observer in AM and most definitely against the killing of up to 9 (18") dinks per team. I know, this year Niagara is a week later and the fishing might be tough blah blah blah... fact is no one can predict how it will be.

SO... I see the OPEN division as an opportunity to vote on the direction that we the paying customers believe the tournament should take in the future. If the open division is very successful at the expense of the AM division, well then the writing is on the wall. So as they say in Chicago, St, Louis and many other places, get out there vote, vote early, and vote often. And thanks to the organizers for giving us the choice.

Peter Kelly

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Did someone say rule changes ? Hey Rod(mud) you know anything about this ...pretty sneeky to start a post and run to the furthest point south of NY ...Hope your enjoying all the Heat , and the warm weather down there too.P.S. feburary is the windyest time of the year for the keys north east everyday ,and the Tarpon dont start running till march...

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Did I start this thread Ray....I can't remember? :lol: I'm staying out of It!! Knowing what was originally proposed, and what the committee finally came up with says to me they listened very closely to what we said as a collective group. They are not going to please everyone, but I think they tried pretty darn hard! Thanks for sticking your neck out and speaking up Paul, the committee needs a voice.

Looking forward to a great season!!

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