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Hell Froze Over

1st time with our boat on Ontario starting 8/18

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Hello LOU from Ohio!
My wife and I have chartered out of Olcott numerous times/years successfully for kings, coho, and steel (and hopefully learned a few things along the way as far as gear/techniques :-) ) we will be bringing our boat for the first time this year.
We will be spending a couple weeks at Four Mile Creek Campground and most likely launching out of Wilson.

We are well-seasoned Lake Erie boaters/anglers, and believe I have a decent setup/gear for Ontario (fish hawk, electric downriggers, wire, Magnum dipseys, flashers, spin doctors, atomik, etc). but could always use suggestions!

I also have a couple of questions if y'all could take pity on us poor Ohioians....

When chartering previously, I noticed that none of the Skippers had any VHF channel on except 16..... Is there a common public VHF freq/channel that is used in the area (i.e. fishermen in Cleveland use 68 and western basin Erie use 79)? 

Are there any areas/coordinates to target or avoid specifically in that area?

Thanks in advance for any help!!


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Offshore radio's aren't really used anymore, not like it use to be. Cell phones....

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