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Here's a pic of the musky I caught and released sunday. We were mainly casting bulldawgs in and around weed edges and dropoffs. We tried trolling believers without any luck so pretty much casted all day. It gets tough casting 9 inch 3-5oz big baits all day but it was well worth it.


Here's a release pic of the one we caught on Sat. This one was a bit bigger than mine. I had one on friday night for a short time but it stayed deep and I never got a look at it. We only had 2-3 follows each day with the 2 fish released. I can't wait to go do that again.I'm Hooked. :D:D I wanted to do some walleye fishing at night , but after 11 hours of casting I was beat.

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way to go out there! thanks for the report. I'm heading down tomorrow through Sunday and you've really got my juices flowin'!

The guide I'm fishing with on Saturday said the post turnover muskie fishing has been really tough out there lately; so you must have been doing something right ;) which basin were you fishing?

hopefully the bite just keeps picking up...

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Hey Bob S

good luck out there. This weekend was a bit tough from a weather standpoint. brutal cold (30s-40s) saturday with a steady 20 mph wind.

from what I saw and heard from others, anything goes. fish are all over the place. fewer and fewer fish off the weedlines, and primarily on sunny afternoons. I marked a bunch down 25+/- over 40-60 lurking near bait clouds around the deep hole dropoffs on the W side of the N basin. We picked up a mid-30s fish jigging the bottom on 40 ft but that was it.

If I had to do it over, I'd have spent most of my time trolling large baits around those holes and dropoffs, but its tough out there as the N Basin is still looking like pea soup from the turnover.

good luck! hope to be out there 1 more time before the end, maybe ~2 weeks, once the tunover settles down and the fish have finished the transition.

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nice ones bob. both near bemus?

look similar in sizeto mine from the weekend before. how deep were you trolling?

I will be out on waneta tomorrow afternoon. hope they cooperate.

I had the same idea on the enclosure. my bimini has the zippers for one just not sure where to get the right one. wind is definitely a killer. I had a funny windburn for 5 days afterwards that stopped mid forehead at my hatline...

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thanx guys.One came from the south side between the bridge and the red buoy on a 7"drfter stalker in fire perch-tiger(pictured - on up rod-yellow?) in 14fow 30ft back.The oyther from irwins bay on 9"muskullunch in perch.18fow 28'back.Both at 4.3mph.Met a couple guys from pa and theirs were done by the amish around butler pa-nice work.

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