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Took 2 boats for what will prob be our Last trip of the year to the big lake trolling this year. Avoided the circus in close and went out to 300fow and trolled North. Took 1 mature King with Lots of steelhead and teenage Kings. 350 to 450fow was best. Riggers set any wear from 35 to 100 took shots. Divers 160 to 240. Marked fish and bait all through the water column. Image1537142773.811413.jpgImage1537142782.593212.jpgImage1537142790.175075.jpgImage1537142805.780647.jpgImage1537142837.089369.jpgImage1537142858.111403.jpgGot some fish for freezer Image1537142837.089369.jpgImage1537142967.951978.jpg

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