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Took advantage of a calmer afternoon to take a solo run. Ran over the zombie salmon at the jetty and went 10 miles offshore to find steelhead and minor salmon. Found a few, went 3 for 4 and kept 2. Stan Kulak Trinidad Tackle 9 inch dodger and fly took the steelhead on 400 copper. The salmon came on a Moonshine geezer at 80 down on the probe rigger. 65 degrees surface at the 30.5 line and 50 degrees 80 feet down. Came back in at sunset. It was a great afternoon to be on the lake. Likely will be next spring before the Stand & Deliver hits the lake again...unless there's Erie perch time in the works. 20181003_173329.jpg20181003_184203.jpg20181003_174147.jpg20181003_184525.jpg20181003_172824.jpg20181003_194758.jpg


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