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Gimbal or Rail Mounted Fillet/Cutting Board

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Hi All,


One of my many winter boat projects is to establish a fillet station onboard with the use of either rail mounts or a gimbal. 


Does anyone have experience or suggestions on where to look to start putting one together?


Most that I have see. Online are smaller boards for probably bass or perch. Looking for something to handle a salmon.




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I have a Magma board on a gimbal mount. I like it a lot. Not sure if it would handle a big salmon. I think it is about 20” long. We use it for cut bait and filleting.
The Magma stuff isn’t cheap. I think the one I have is a little shy of $200 but it never comes loose and is extremely stable.

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If you are making something yourself look for an HDPE material. Its used for cutting boards. You can find sources on line in just about any size and thickness you want. It's relatively inexpensive. One example I found was $46 for a 15"x30"x1/2"thk sheet.


Good Luck & Boat Safe


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