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Musky Hunter Ambassador Program

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Had a chance to talk a bit with Gregg Thomas the last couple days about a new program they started over at Musky Hunter.  Appropriately titled the Ambassador Program, the core goal is to increase youth membership to the sport. 


The program affords those interested in participating the opportunity to provide a 1-year subscription to Musky Hunter Magazine at a discounted rate of $15.00.  All Ambassadors will receive a "Musky Hunter Ambassador" Decal, a Certificate, and your name listed in Musky Hunter Magazine as an ambassador.  


Gregg was happy to extend the offer to LOU members as well as all the local muskies clubs; NMA, Chapt 69 & 70, Muskies Canada, etc.  Here is the link for those interested:





I would like to take a moment and explain a new program we are starting at Musky Hunter Magazine.  The Musky Hunter Ambassador Program is the first step in helping to get young anglers involved in musky fishing.  How it works is we are offering $15 subscriptions that can be purchased to sponsor young anglers. These subscriptions will be given out to youth members of the musky clubs, members of high school fishing teams and/or young anglers that have the passion for fishing.  We want this to be a national program and one that is not only limited to musky fishermen.   This sponsorship will be extended to any young angler as long as we have sponsors to cover the subscriptions. 

To be a sponsor is really easy.  You can sponsor as an individual, a club or a business.  All we ask is you follow the link that I am providing and sign up there.   This is so we can keep track of it.  You can purchase as many subscriptions as you want.   They are $15 each and the more we get, the more magazines we can send out.  Also, if you have a specific group that you are wanting to sponsor, like a high school fishing team or club, you can do that also.  Just let me know and get me the names and addresses so we can make it happen.  We will also be signing people up at the upcoming musky expos this winter.  Our goal is to get as many copies of the magazine into the kids hands as possible.   

For being a sponsor,  you will receive a certificate that will be emailed to you, an Ambassador decal and your name will be listed in the magazine as a Musky Hunter Ambassador.   This program is designed to get more kids talking about and maybe interested in musky fishing. 

If you are interested and would like to talk more, please contact me, Gregg Thomas.  My contact information will be at the bottom of the page.  We are currently sending out around 40 subscriptions but want to boost this into the 100’s very soon. 

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and hope that we can work together to sponsor some young anglers.

Gregg Thomas

Musky Hunter Magazine




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