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Cayuga Lake Free For All Update

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Guest guppy2

Vince,is it too late to add another boat to the FFA?One of our guys from our camp would like to get in.His name is Gary and his boat name is SWEET LOU.Thanks.........Zeke

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Aye aye, captain, I'll vote away.

Guess I'll leave my secret derby winning fishing gear at home, I'm not sure if it's quite within "the rules". Too bad, the shady military dealer, I mean tackle store, gave me a great deal. :roll: :lol:

Sure fill out the rest of the crew as you like, need someone to keep these boys (and ladies!) in line. Though I'm sure the ECO would rather be fishing, so everyone behave! ;)

I have nothing to hide, or at least I won't by the time I get on your boat!

(I'll stash the huge frozen laker in a cooler somewhere. Just swing by the park 2 hrs before "meeting time", I'll jump overboard, swim ashore and defrost the fish. I plan on winning all the derbies this summer with this exact same fish, I caught a 21 lber yesterday and flash froze it, nobody will ever know.) :lol:

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