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Tutorial: How to Post Your Videos

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You want to share your videos you took from your digital camera or camcorder with the community huh? No problem - its EASY! This step by step tutorial will walk you through exactly how to post your own videos on Lake Ontario United.

Lets assume that you have taken the video from your camera and downloaded it onto your hard drive. After that, we will use a video hosting service called YOUTUBE to optimize and make sharing your videos a breeze!

Setting up YouTube Account

We need to make our videos available on the Internet. Having them on your personal computer is not good enough so what we are going to do is setup an account with YouTube that will host our videos ONLINE for us!

1.) Visit YouTube.com

2.) Click on Sign Up

3.) Registration Step 1: Fill in a username and password.

4.) Registration Step 2: Fill in your other personal information. Don't worry - none of it will ever be shared.

Uploading Your Video to YouTube

Ok, so that's all for creating an account. Lets now go ahead and try uploading a video.

1.) Visit YouTube.com

2.) Log in if you are not already.

3.) Click on Account > My Videos link at the top right of the site.

4.) You are now ready to upload your video. Select the yellow "UPLOAD" button.

5.) Fill out the information about your video (Step 1) and then Select the video you wish to upload (Step 2). Once the video from your computer has been uploaded you are ready to share it with the rest of the LOU Community!

Sharing Your Video with LOU!

1.) Under "Your Videos" select the PLAY button of the video you want to share. This will take you to the main youtube page of that video.

2.) Copy the URL of that video:


and put that into the poast.

Thats it! Your video will display entirely optimized and hosted by YouTube.

So I leave you with this........


See you on the water (and don't forget to bring your video camera!)


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I am having trouble viewing videos guys post on here.  They will post a link and I am unable to even click on it to try to open it. I'm sure its something on my computer, but I'm not too tech savy. Any suggestions as to how I can fix this?  Can I change a setting to view them?  Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi DJ -


Do you have a youtube account you can upload your videos to?  If not, you will need to sign up for one.  I will update the tutorial above as it has now changed with the new site.  I'll do a video as an example.  Stay tuned....



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