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Hey LOUers! Last year was my first on the “O”. Noticed my catch rates significantly favored the FF combo over spoons. So, to be even better this season, and to try and fill the void this winter, I’ve been making a wide assortment of my own trolling flies. I’ve pretty much got my box ready for the season, and still have a surplus of materials, and time. So if anyone is interested in some, message me direct, and I’ll wip some up for you. I can do any color combo you want. 4”. UV thread. Glow heads. 30lb Flouro with VMC trebles, and Owner 4/0 with UV beads. c7c9e7002607476b385e88ed7c0d30dd.jpg



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Based on the looks of the flies you seem to have started to perfect the art of the fly for trolling. I will give you 1 suggestion that has taken it up another level for me. 


When you tie the flash on to the tube (let's say that you are doing so right handed) so the flash is being tied in on the right side and laying flat towards the left.... If you use less flash and tie it in backwards with the tie in point or thread on the left side of the tube and the ends of the flash to the right you will actually get a bigger profile in the water and have to use less flash to achieve the same idea. Basically using the material to almost fold over itself in the water (same idea as a skirt on a buzz bait)


Your pics seem to show very good color and flash combos but at the same time you can achieve this with a larger profile in the water and even less fouling if you "tie it all in backwards. Give it a shot and see if you see any improvements. 

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