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seneca 11/7


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i went fishing with rodney and his son today also brought alone my neighbor son. we started out slow on the west side trolling north after trolling 3 miles without a bite i turned and went to the east side as soon as we got to the east side took our 1st fish on a dipsy out 210 then the rigger fire down 75. we work the east side for about 2 miles with out another bite. so i turned the boat headed for the west side to troll back south to head home. pick up 2 more fish 1 dipsy and 1 more on the rigger. heading south we picked up 5 more fish 2 dipsy 3 riggers.

we took fish on spin drs and big weenie flys steelie dan spoon caught a LLsalmon for us, we also took two lakes on a yellow orange and green spoon.

we fish 75 to 120 fow down riggers 75 67 50 and 42 dipsy out 210 and 220. down speed was 2.2 today

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jason my 13 year old found out that we went out with my 9 year old when he got home from school this afternoon. my 13 year old said "no way thats not fair i want to go back out with jason on the lake". me thinks you got something good going on here... ;)

any way I hope I can get these pics on from our trip today. we had a blast as usual when we get out with you and he was so tired from reeling in fish he fell asleep on the way home :D

rodney (kremer01) out




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