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Oneida Lake Smorgasfish May 24-26

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I could not even get a hit while jigging/casting sonars-regular jigs-rigging leeches. Trolling was another story! Purple prism Dave's Kaboom lures-Black and silver Rogues fished 15-down over 29-32' caught almost every fish every day. Friday started with an 11# sheepshead and then it was almost every kind of fish that Oneida gives up. Walleye from 6" up to 24"-smallmouth bass-perch-white bass-brown trout-catfish!! I had 3 days of awesome fishing-even though it was windy and rough most of the time. Most of the larger eyes were still milking-water temp started at 55.8 and by Sunday afternoon was just tapping 60 in spots.

I haven't had a Memorial Day weekend trip to Oneida like this in years-and I haven't missed a year since 2003.


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