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Order of Importance: Rod / Reel / Lure

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Want to post a question to my muskie buddies here on LOU that I was thinking about the other night. 


Question:  If you had to rank the importance of ROD, REEL, LURE, in which order would you rank them from MOST important to LEAST important?


I'm going to divide this into two categories as well:  CASTING & TROLLING


So for CASTING, what is the most important (Rod, Reel or Lures?) to least important?

And for TROLLING, what is the most important (Rod, Reel or Lures?) to least important?


I'll post my own opinion on Friday, but wanted to give you guys a chance to respond first.  I'm interested to hear how different LOU members rank these.

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For me, lures are most important for both casting and trolling.

Rods and reels are probably equally important next. Rods are probably more important casting than trolling though.

It’s important to match your rods and reels to baits and casting applications. Not going to want to throw a pounder on a 7’ mh and not going to want to reel in a double 12 with a Abu Garcia 6500.

Most trolling applications i prefer a glass rod and a good line counter reel with cranking power and a smooth drag.

Although I like Okuma Catalinas for most of my trolling, I think Shimano casting and trolling reels are the best built/longest lasting.

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Casting:  (1) Rod  (2) Lure  (3) Reel

I think rod ranks highest for me personally as without the correct rod action, my lures alone won't be enough to trigger strikes in most cases; without the right rod power you don't have the backbone to throw bigger baits and without the right length you don't have ability to convert figure-8's (which for many represent 50% or more of their chances).  The right rod solves all those problems.


Trolling:  (1) Lure  (2) Reel  (3) Rod

Lures are the obvious choice here I think.  I picked reel next as I need to know exactly how far out I am, have a good drag and be able to have some cranking power so I don't exhaust myself clearing weeds from cranks baits being trolled at 4+ mph every half hour. 

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