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Three rivers chautauqua tourney

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Anyone fishing the Three Rivers tourney this weekend?


Heres the info.


Chautauqua Lake Team Tournament 2019




July 13th & 14th 2019


Signup, Fees and Payouts


Tournament Headquarters at the Prendergast boat launch. Sign up Saturday 6:00 to 6:45am


Entry fee is $25 per MI member $35 per non member.


Optional 50″ pot, only Three Rivers members are eligible. The first 50″+ caught and length photographed with the given tournament logo card, safely released, will take the money.


This will be a cash tournament, 1st place 40%, 2nd 30%, 3rd place 20% and longest musky caught will take the other 10%.




Tournament hours will be from 7am to 9pm Saturday and 6am to 1pm Sunday







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Not really sure I’d consider July 13th late summer. These tourneys are scheduled early in the year to obtain permits and for people to plan. NY chapter just had a huge tourney two weeks ago. I know I saw temps over 80 south prior to that tourney. I dont expect Three Rivers to have near that turnout. Id say late July/August usually have the highest potential for higher water temps.


Either way, im not entering the tourney but I will be fishing. Last weekend I water released all but a couple fish I wanted a quick pic of for my daughter. Water temps North were around 77. Experience handling fish is the key. Netting big fish and taking lots of pics in hot water is a bad combination.


Im not sure what water temps are today but air temp lows in the 50s the next several days. Highs under 80 all but Saturday. Will probably be fine, but like I said experience handling fish properly (especially bigger fish in warmer water) is key.


Also...not just tourneys to be concerned about. There are quite a few muskie guide boats pounding it hard every day out there now. Usually 5 plus guide boats there every day I’m out. Clients always want pictures.



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