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Fished our 3rd Bald Eagle Tournament of the year. Ended up placing 4th this week with a box of 64.00lbs with 3 kings. All 3 fish over 20lbs. We started with a mini pre fish on Friday. Which ended with boat problems and very little information on where to start fishing on Saturday morning. We ended up having to run around and get parts and work on the boat in the heat....not fun. But once we got the boat running good we focused on making a game plan for Saturday.


We started in 60 fow right near the glass house, and worked 60-90 fow for the first 2 hours or so. We caught Steelhead, Kings, Lakers and an Atlantic. It was great. We had 16lb lake a 17lb king and a 10lb steelie in the cooler. And started our game of Upgrades. We decided since we hadn't caught anything over 20 we would just bump out a touch and keep going east with the waves. Bumped out to 90-120 and continued to catch fish. We moved all the way out to 200fow. And caught kings and steelies all day. After upgrading fish and having a cooler full of kings...had probably 3 fish at 20 or just under. We made a decision that we didn't wanna end up in Oswego with the waves pushing us, so we picked up and motored all the way back to our original marks. Since we had such great screens and figured it would be an hour or so to troll back to Bald Eagle from there. We instantly hooked up with multiple majors. At the end of the day I have no idea what fish was what when we weighed in cause we ended a box with 5 kings over 20 and 2 more in the high teens. At the dock we weighed our box and had to choose between 3 kings that all were within a few ounces of each other. Well we picked our 3 biggest and the went to the scale.


Best Spoon Mag Moonshine Beefeater on 10 color... probably took 10-12 shots.


Best Meat Rig was Minion Flo Bot on Divers


Barley took any rigger fish.


Overall we probably went 30-35...or somewhere in that range. It was an action packed day.


Best part of the whole day was this Tournament was for BAC (Boater's Against Cancer)

Breast Cancer has affected Team Always Something more than I can even explain, so this tournament means a lot to us and we all fight and fish hard for extra support. We all rocked Pink and even represented a few local captains for some extra added fun.


Great Tournament and I hope it gets more attention each year.








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BAC - butts against cancer. Well done. 

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