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Got out of work a little early, and my sister and friend wanted a boat ride, so why not try for a few fish?  Headed out around 615 and was set up by 630.  Started in 150 with a blank screen so started moving NW.  Hit 170, and screen lit up with bait.  Few minutes later, have one screaming off the rigger.  After about 10 minutes, spits the hook.  Dammit.  Keep working 170, keep seeing a TON of bait, center rigger goes again and after a few minutes, a 22# hits the deck off a Stinger UV Frost byte.  About 20 minutes go by and decide to clean the fish, get halfway done and the starboard rigger goes off.  I grab the rod, and a half filleted fish falls off the board.  So now I have a bloody board, bloody ass deck with half a salmon and fillet sliding around and two girls who won't touch a fish.  Awesome.  Few minutes later, net and released a king in the mid teens off of old school black and orange NK.  The hose and brush def got a workout after that.  A nice night on the water, 2/3 on kings with three rods in a little under two hours.....overall a successful night.


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