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Seneca/Cayuga Advice

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Hi folks!

Well it’s been another year since I last posted and likewise I last visited the area. My trip went well last year. I only fished Seneca and despite coming a week or two after the flood we still managed some good catches between storms.


I have been following everyone’s reports so thank you everyone. That’s said, I had a few questions I was hoping someone might be so kind as to answer.


Setback from ball and ball type? Any thoughts? I will be bringing sharks both black and silver as well as standard ball. On Champlain recently(most of my trips) the setback have been as close as 8-10 for silver and I havnt gone much past 25’. For lakers it doesn’t seem to matter.


Spoon size? Again, on champ I have had most success on small stingers then up to Sutton 44 and medium Honeybees. Not much larger unless going for lakers on bottom. How big do most folks start off? How big are the alewives running?


I think that’s it, I’d love some info on the above as I daydream here at work! Looking forward to finding some fish and exploring both lakes over the next week (starting Friday!) I’ve got everything from grease traps to 30lb blood run sea flea to electronics so I am hoping for favorable weather/winds.


Will do my best to post a live or daily report over the next week so I can contribute as well. Here’s a few pics from Champlain as thanks for reading!


Tight lines!!IMG_2528.JPGIMG_2520.JPGIMG_2513.JPG



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I haven't been on the lake since father's day this year because of boat troubles. But in years past this time of year the fish are set up in the 70 to 80 ft range holding with bait in the cooler water. Set backs for me have never made much diferance for me it seems the fish aren't that picky. Flasher flies in green chartreuse or white seem to always do well. All my downriggers are always stacked or have cheaters on them for silvers with stinger sized spoons for silvers, bright colored spoons orange and red seem to produce well for me depending the day. A lot of times as sun gets up in the sky I do well with all silver spoons. Or spoons in blue and silver or black and white. This info only pertains to cayuga lake but I would have to imagine senaca would probably be about the same. Keep it simple always works better for me. Good luck and be safe.

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Posted (edited)

Good advice given and applies to both lakes. The spoons you mentioned and ones like them will be fine too.Sometimes the silvers want them back 30-60 feet or so and a fairly fast troll 2.5-3.0 The lakers on Cayuga will hit just about anything spoon or fly if in the mood to actively feed. I think your normal Lake Champlain tactics will produce and be fine. Cayuga may be the more successfully fished lake at this point in time as the trout and salmon predators are down in Seneca and the bait population is high so probabilities connected with catching decline usually in that situation. Good luck.

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Thanks guys! I appreciate the advice. Hopefully I’ll get out of the office in a while so I can finish packing my gear. Then I guess I should start packing clothes too HA!

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