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Been a few years since I got out and am throwing lots of stuff at them at different speeds etc. 

I send 2 on riggers - spoons (nk28s or similiar) 

I send 2 dipsy on braid out 150-250 with dodger and fly or jplug diff colors

I send 2 out on leadcore with spoons or rebel fastracts 7-9 colors

have one surface straight back spoon or fast track out 200+ 

all have mono leader 6 foot or so with 20-30# 

sog - 1.7-2.7 mph - do not have speed and temp at ball broke years ago

how far back are you fishing riggers 

anyone using cheater rigs?

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Im no expert but i run 15' back for flashers and 25 for spoons and cheat any spoon rod on the riggers. Down speed in important.

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