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Otisco Lake 50" Tiger Muskie

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15 hours ago, justtracytrolling said:

The 36" has definitely made a difference.  There without a doubt are plenty of fish kept for a variety of reasons.  I see it all season long.  We can't however control that, and attempting to dictate what a person does with his or her legal catch isnt right.  We can control our own actions though and set the example for the next generation.  For anyone that has any interest in catching a fish like this you have to realize that there is a mortality rate with fish that are released.  Therefore any extra handling, or lack of good handling on fish that arent the fish you would love to catch is counterproductive to your own cause.  There certainly are situations that are favorable to more handling but there are other situations I wouldn't consider handling the fish.  We just have to consider our own practices and hope others do too eventually....and a fish like this is proof conservation efforts make a difference.  I definitely think the signage the muskies Inc clubs had made have helped make people give handling some thought.  The clubs efforts have to be helping and I'm thankful for their efforts and ask everyone just to think about handling just a little if you intend to release your catch.

Great perspective Justin:yes:

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