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for sale : usa Okuma Cold Water Reels CW-303DLX Super Cheap

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Just found Okuma Cold Water left hand reels, CW303DLX, for sale at Fishermans Headquarters, Bradenton Fla. in their closeout section for $29.99. Not sure how many they have, but I ordered four, so if it's a scam I'll be a victim too. They also had Shimano Tekota 700LC and 800LC (old style) on closeout. Didn't look at the 700 price but the 800LC was $160.00 which is way cheap. Thought I'd throw it out there in case anybody is interested.

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Yeah, I see the Okuma Cold Waters are off the Closeout page. I must have cleaned them out because I did order 4 at $29.99 ea. Let’s see if they show up. The Tekota 700 and 800 are still on the Closeout page at $160 which is a hell of a deal IMO.

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