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Sold / Closed Rebel , NK, and Evil Eye Lots

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Lot Two of Rebel baits has 10 shallow divers, 6 Fastracs, and 3 Arrowhead Spoons.  Price is $55.00 including shipping is US

Lot of 19 Original NK Spoons- 8 NK Mags and 11 NK 28's -all with painted backs.  Price is $65.00 including shipping to US

Lot of 24 Evil Eye Spoons-Qty of 14 of  3 3/4" Painted and Plated, Qty of 10 of  2 1/4" Painted and Plated, and Qty of 2 of 2 1/4" Painted.  Price is $60.00 including shipping to US








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Lot 1 has been paid.  Have original Lot 2 of  Rebels and added two groups of spoons- 19 original NK's and another group of 26 Evil Eyes.  Thanks

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