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Sodus pro am 2019

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Here's our sodus pro am. I don't know why, but I'm cursed in sodus on Saturday! We crushed them on Friday- we had 2 areas 100-120 and ~200) with active king bite AND a steelie location (450-550) all mapped out. Idk why, but Saturday they were gone and very negative for us. I panicked and ran around looking for fish, and only got 1 big king and one keeper brown to show for it. It was pretty brutal. Then Sunday, we had a decent king bite, but the weather was impressive with 4-6 waves all day. We lost a ton of fish due to conditions. Regardless, always a fun experience. Here is the video. Enjoy!





The Fishin’ Physician Assistant

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With no football, basketball, golf, on TV Sunday I parked my butt in the recliner and watched fishing videos like this on YouTube.com for twelve hours. Better there than in a boat and you learn a lot.

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