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A few nice Toms

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I feel blessed that have 3 properties I can hunt. Two are exclusive and the third may have a few other hunters. That gives me access to over 1200 acres of good habitat.
While scouting this morning, I had a Tom gobbling on the roost and watched him fly down with 3 hens. They never knew I was there and came within 50 yards with no calling. After they wondered off undisturbed, I made a brush blind and it is ready for first good morning after Friday’s opener. I also have another roost located with gobbling toms there as well.
I’m fortunate to have this access and have become good friend with the owners. I try to treat them right and keep them supplied with fish and other goodies. I also give one some money for compensation. In addition I stop and chat with them frequently and have know two for over 40 years!/

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