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Honeoye Honeoye/Honeoye Creek

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I'm looking for places to take my kids fishing.  I know about Conesus Lake and Vitale Park, and I'm wondering how the bank fishing is on Honeoye, especially around Sandy Bottom Park, and Honeoye Creek in that area.  Is it worth taking them during the summer?  They're ~6 and 7, so their attention spans are pretty short, so having to work hard for the fish is not idea.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Around now the weeds can be very thick all over the place, the docks etc. around the lake are pretty much private property, and when the water heats up like of late the water quality there is quite questionable at best e.g. blue/green algae and other concerns. After June the lake really heats up because is so shallow. That particular area is very shallow and has been a problem in the past.

If it was earlier or later in the season I would suggest the pier at Canandaigua (where they sell bait as well) but right now it is crowded as hell and the boat traffic and kayakers and sail boarders are all over the place.

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