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shanty protection

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Mike, first make sure the canvas is good and dry, then brush of any dirt , then the best way is to take the time to take the canvas off the shanty and fold it up and store inside a plastic container and you will have no problems with mice or bug's :bug: just make sure that when you fold it up that none of the widows are folded so they don't get a crease in them and crack when you open it back up and they will last the life of the canvas . I bought mine back in 91 and used it 4-5 days a week and next year i will need to replace the canvas just because it is so old and sun faded, wind wiped and starting to rip but it has lasted me this long so i can't complain .

If you don't want to take the canvas off then just make sure that you close it up with a bunch of dryer sheets in it to keep the mice out and warp up in a tarp to keep the dust and stuff off it and protect the canvas from getting torn if something fall on it .

Hope this helps you .

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