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The bite out of Sodus has been tough inside. Most are not doing well for the inside kings and the temps are too warm for a good brown bite. Out deep in 600+ fow has been really solid bite. Mix of 2 yr old kings, steelhead and some matures that are dark. Mix it up a bit out there, bites have come from 60 to 120 down for us, mix of spoons and flashers. I ran meat and only had 1 hit on it. I ran 2 trips today and had 15 bites each in the AM and PM landing a total of 15 fish for the day. 4 dark matures mixed in. For some reason they are way out, I know a few trying 200 to 400 and having minimal success...if you can go that far out...just go a bit farther and work deep.

Tight lines

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