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Oak Orchard 8/23-8/24

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Heard the bite was out deep, so left the dock around 6 and set up at the 28 line.  Was a slow pick for the first few hours with a few steelies and small kings.  When the sun finally popped out, game on.  Steelies were on fire, decent kings mixed in the next few hours.  We kept the point pointed north, ended up at the 35 line, did a 180 and worked the same line back.  After 8am, there was never a dull moment.  Riggers were on firs with a dipsies doing the rest.  We pulled our copper as it wasn't producing much, and was getting in the way, and just ran 5 lines the last few hours.  We ended the day 20/29 with three doubles and a triple with 4 kings over 20 and 2 steelies over 9#.  Rest were cookie cutter mix.  Good spoons were pink/orange stinger as a slider, UV Blue mixed veggies, on riggers 65-110, white spinny with Studd or hammer flies out 220-240



I had work do to around the house the next day, so couldn't make it out for the morning bite.  Heard from a buddy the bite was close, so gathered who I could to fish the evening.  Started out around 5pm east of port 90-130, and was a slower pick, which was fine considering I had two people on the boat who weren't too experienced.  Took at 24#  350 copper/Blue Tux and a 27# on FF, and a few smaller kings on riggers 65-90 down, ended the day 5/6.  It's Monday and already ready for next weekend!


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