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Water Hole for Deer


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I have a 4 or 5 on my lease and they are very productive when everything is dried up. The property is generally pretty wet when there is consistent rain. I just took a couple area that usually held the water the longest and dug 8ft - 10ft in diameter and 3ft - 4ft deep and they hold water all year long. The places to put them for me has been in between bedding and feeding in the woods. The first thing they want when they get out of their beds is water if it is available. They also can be very productive during the rut as the bucks are running hard, they are no different then us when over exerting ourselves, must have water!

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Water means nothing to deer in my experience of Hunting them in the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge during drought years like this year. In fact I made. Post on this forum a week or so ago concerning this very topic. I suggest spending your efforts and money on food plots and cover.

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