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Cayuga 3/24

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Fished the south end north of Myers. The bite was on early and slacked off by 900 AM. We landed 4 browns about 3 lbs, 1 LL about 3 lbs, several lakers from 4 to 7 lbs and of course many undersized LLs.

The browns & LLs came off boards using black & silver plugs and after the initial burst we dropped down with wire from 70' down for the lakers. All were healthy & fat.

We were surprised by the number of fish caught with lamphreys, some of the eels were much larger than I have ever seen (over 7").

All but one off the browns had eels on them with two having three.

It was a decent day and more eels were killed than fish.

The debris in the lake is incredable, logs, trees everywhere. I suggest going slow because many are submerged with the east shore being the worst. I found one the hard way....luckily no damage!

I suggest hitting the water as early as possible the bite doesn't last long!

We spotted only two other boats so there wasn't much competition.

You were RIGHT ON again Zeke.


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Ive been waiting for this report. Im not planning on hittin the water till 9 or so. Glad you caught some. I had a guy tell me once that the lampreys target the brns because they are the slowest swimmers.

Im looking forward to a good day on the water. I figured the fish are still deep I dont think we have had a warm rain yet.

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Stix get out a little earlier if you can, I tried trolling on top with dremarquis yesterday and we didn't start until 9:30, maybe not the idea for trolling the top! Picked a few off at first then it quit big time.

Wanted to fish today but I snapped my e-brake cable putting the boat in, not sure if I want to count on first gear.

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