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ri rory

Wanted W T B Older style Humminbird snap on combo

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Hi Folks-

Looking for an older Humminbird snap on combo unit for my Neighbor.  He's a retired Vet (80) who fishes quite a bit and is on a tight budget so this is on me.

Any models from the Humminbird older line that are combo units that snap on the base--like 363c, 500's, 600's, 700's --they are foolproof for 80 year old eyes--snap and go

The plugs on the lowrance are a pain to take on and off (he had a 4x someone stole)---not sure about garmin.

My budget is $150-200 plus $20 shipping to Florida


Let me know what you fisherman have and want to sell and help out this Old West By God Virginian Veteran who fishes Lake Okeechobee once a week.




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If interested in a small unit I have a older piranha unit with mounting bracket, power cord, transducer. It worked fine when I removed to replace, FREE just whatever it cost to ship.

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