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First Landlock salmon of 2021 on Champlain.

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Hit the water and set lines 1 pm off Split Rock.  Reggie called us on the radio and had just landed a 25" monster!  It was 38F and calm and more like early Fall today with the sun beaming in today running the heater on low today for mid January.  My guest was Mike Morin and 4:15 pm our turn came with a Master Angler "Tank"  24" and 6 1/2 lbs.  Fished till dark at 5:00 pm and called it and joined Reggie at the ramp to load the boats in the dark.  Fish hit a Crazy Ivan "Fat Buzzy" at 50 ft.   First salmon of 2021!  Released to swim away for someone else to enjoy.  Love the 5 gallon Home Depot bucket of water to keep the fish alive before taking photos and video of the release.



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