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Gotta Bite

Spoon size and browns

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Stingers and Stingray size are both good and I run a mag off a diver. Lots of good spoons mentioned here. I think the action has more to do with it most times than actual size of the spoon and small spoons can be more erratic.. I find sometimes kings want small spoons when higher in the water column, but is it the size or the action that gets them to react and strike?    


I agree that the paint on stinger sucks, but they catch fish !  Actually, being a painter myself so to speak I don't think it's the paint as much as it is the blank spoon prep before paint.  This past week I had everything peel right off a stinger....paint AND tape all  together and that has happened a lot.  That is just a lack of prepping the spoon for paint because tape should NOT peel off.


But.....they keep catching so I keep buying  :)   I will just re paint the blanks myself someday.

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Honey bees, evil eyes and Lake Ontario flashers are my favorites for summer Browns

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