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iTroll kicker speed control experiences?


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I have the Itroll on my Yamaha 9.9 Kicker.  had Trollmaster on my previous boat.  Both work well, Itroll is 'more precise' according to the marketing.  Overall I am happy with the iTroll and would buy it again.


I'm considering adding the 'hunt' mode

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I have the itroll with hunt mode. It works great. I use hunt mode now and then and it works well at varying your speed in increments on the way up and down to the min and mac throttle settings you program in. You can also program the step size, for example 1 percent or 5 percent steps. The larger step size gives more of a radical speed change, supposedly causing fish to think the prey is escaping.

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There is a couple in use here in Olcott. I especially like the fact that an iTroll can be installed to control speed on main and kicker. Bucking a head wind I often troll with the main. Also the iTroll steps back up upon being switched from idle to speed and this can be 'stepped' variably. Waiting for mine presently

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